Event and meeting hall

The Pearl Hall
‎‏The Pearl hall has a total area of 1100 sqm, with a capacity for 250 to 300 guests. It is prepared for wedding parties since it contains a stage, a wedding passage, a singer and orchestra room. Also, it contains a special section for bride’s preparations which includes: a hairdresser and makeup artist room, a reception, and a photography room supplied with a laser light system special for women’s ceremonies. In addition, the hall has an integrated sound system.

Al Ewan Hall
‎‏Al Ewan hall has a total area of 323 sqm, with a capacity for 150 guests. It is well prepared for conferences, workshops and special events.

Conference Room
‎‏Olian provides three conference and training rooms, supplied with a free and high-speed internet service and modern audio-visual equipment.